Melissa Sharp Terrels
My belief is that everyone loves comfort and security.
We all want to feel safe.
I understand that feeling safe is relative and subjective. I don't get to define what safe means to you.                                                  

But for me, I want a warm house and to know that my family is loved and cared for. I want life to be simple - by my definition. 

For some time in my life, I didn't always feel safe. During that time, my creativity got stuck. I couldn't get it out of me. Because when we don't feel safe, all we worry about is feeling safe. There isn't room for creativity, or anything else. 

So as I climbed out of fear, my safety net got larger. 

I moved. I changed my surroundings. I went from the quiet suburbs to a bustling city.  I made new friends. I challenged my beliefs and stepped out of my comfort zone. I worked hard on familial relationships that had suffered from my fear. I took responsibility for me. I changed me, and made amends where and when they were necessary. 

Because I learned that when I change me, everything around me changes. 

And I began to feel safe. 

Safe, by my definition. 

And my creativity grew. 

This website is about my changing creativity. I hope you will come along for the ride and challenge your own beliefs, ideas and open up to your own creativity. 

It's worth the work. 


Created by Melissa Sharp Terrels in Philadelphia, PA,

where good things happen.